Totoro Chou à la crème @ Setagaya-Daita

Chou a la creme, profiterole.. whatever you may call them… is a big thing in Japan. Over here, it is called shu-cream(シュークリーム). I’m sure everyone who has lived or is living in Japan would at least have tasted the so called shu-cream once. You can find them anywhere, in convenience stores, supermarkets, high-end department stores, bakeries. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise that there is a Totoro Shu-cream.


However, no matter how “un”surprising it may be, I still have to admit that the thing is rather interesting, and so so cute, that I, as a matter of fact, traveled all the way from Shinagawa Station to Setagaya-Daita Station for it.

There are seasonal flavours such as strawberry, chestnuts, green tea, and so on. The two all-year-round flavours are custard cream and chocolate.

This time I tried the custard cream one. To me, the chou pastry was on a bit of a flaky crunchy side, more than I’m used to. The cream was not sweet, and light. Maybe because half of it is filled with whipped cream. Overall, the taste wasn’t that memorable. However, the shape… It’s TOTORO!!! Simply CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE.

So, if you’re in Tokyo, and are a diehard fan, check this place out.

Shop Information

Name: Shirohige Shukurimu Kobe

Business Hour: 10:00~19:00

Holiday: Every Tuesday

Style: Take out or Eat in(but have to order food menu for eat in)

Website: (Japanese only)

Nearest train/bus station: 5 mins walk from Setakaya-Daita Station on Odakyu Odawara Line.



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